His Roommate Has Disgustingly Strict Toilet Rules. Do You Agree?

Living with a roommate can save money and broaden your social circle, but can also cause discomfort. 'David' expresses his annoyance at his roommate's irritating toilet rules.

Recently Moved In

David's new roommate is a water conservationist and follows the "if it's yellow, let it mellow; if it's brown, flush it down" rule, causing discomfort for David.

Uncomfortable With The Rule

David is uneasy about mixing his business in the toilet and flushes before use. "I thought flushing before was reasonable to avoid Poseidon's kiss, but apparently not."

Roommate Won’t Budge

His roommate questioned his double-flushing, he stated he didn't want to mix excrements. The roommate retorted, reminding it's a bathroom where such things happen.

Counting Flushes

David's roommate started tracking his flushes. "They're monitoring my flushes, waiting outside the bathroom after I finish. I can't use it in peace anymore."

David Doesn’t Want To Fight

"This is the weirdest situation I've encountered. I won't go with a dirty toilet, but I like this place. Why the fuss over toilet use? People are strange."

Uno Reverse

Some suggest David do an Uno Reverse by not flushing after use. Others advise him to persist in flushing, ignoring criticism, until others relent.

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