His Roommate Has Disgustingly Strict Toilet Rules. Do You Agree?

Living with roommates can save money and foster friendships, yet it can sometimes lead to discomfort. 'David' shares how his roommate's toilet rules irk him.

Recently Moved In

David's new roommate's water conservation rule, "if yellow let mellow, if brown flush down," is causing discomfort.

Uncomfortable With The Rule

David finds 'going number two' in urine uncomfortable, so he flushes before using the toilet. "I thought avoiding a 'Poseidon's kiss' by pre-flushing was fair, apparently not."

Roommate Won’t Budge

His roommate wondered why he flushes twice. He explained he didn't "want to poop in piss." They argued it shouldn't matter in a bathroom.

Counting Flushes

David's roommate counts his flushes. He feels caught, with them awaiting outside, robbing him of peace.

David Doesn’t Want To Fight

“Weird situation: I won't go if there's urine in the bowl. This place is great, I don't want to argue over toilet use. Why are people odd?”

Uno Reverse

Someone suggested David try an Uno Reverse - not flushing after using the toilet. Another advised to keep flushing and ignore any comments.

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