“He Doesn’t Want Another Child” Woman Feels Gutted After Her Husband Shares His Decision

A woman seeks advice to handle her husband's choice against having another child - a decision causing her heartbreak, highlighting the emotional complexity in family planning.

The Desire for Another Child

The woman, who we’ll call ‘Sarah’ said, “I have always always wanted two children, my entire life. When I envision myself as an old woman, I envision myself with two children.”

A Son In His Terrible Twos

Sarah's 2-year-old son is in his 'terrible twos'. He's sweet but feisty, often throws tantrums. She knows this phase won't last forever.

Husband Confides In Sarah

"My husband doesn't want another child," said Sarah. "We're financially stable and healthy, but lack family help and work full time, making days tough."

Feeling Gutted

"I'm devastated," Sarah shares. "Despite having a great husband and dad, I can't envision life without another child. How do I not resent him for denying me this?"

Scarce Emotional Resource

One person said regarding Sarah's situation, “If money isn't an issue, the emotional and relational investment required to be the dad he wants might be the challenge. Parenthood drains some people; he might lack the resources for another child.”

Similar Situation

"I was ready for another child, my husband wasn't. It was tough, but we are now happy being a family of three with resources and time for travel. My son is content. Find peace in your decision."

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