Expensive Phone Plans? Respect For Pedestrians? 12 Surprising Things People Notice When They Move to Canada

When relocating to Canada, individuals tend to notice surprising things often overlooked by locals.

Kindness and Expensive Phone Plans

Moving to Canada reveals the kindness of its people and the steep phone plans.

The Size of the Country

Many newcomers are surprised by Canada's size. One said: "Driving 3 hrs in the UK was a mission, but in Canada... doesn't seem like a big deal."

Little Acts of Kindness

Many notice small acts of kindness in Canada, which can greatly influence how newcomers feel. "People are very kind and supportive," one commenter observed.

Communication Styles

Communication styles in Canada may surprise newcomers with their polite and indirect manner. One called it a challenge to navigate.

Work/Life Balance

Work/life balance matters in Canada, contrasting the US's grind-set mentality. Canadians value personal life and wellness over work.

Business Hours

The business hours in Canada are surprising for newcomers. Businesses remain open nearly all day. Such extended hours bring convenience to many people.


Driving in Canada may surprise newcomers. As one stated, "Driving is easier compared to Europe with manual transmission cars and narrow streets." Experience may vary.<

Customer Service

Canada's customer service impresses newcomers with its friendly, attentive staff. Fashion, however, places comfort and practicality over trends, sometimes surprising newcomers.

Pedestrian Safety

"Pedestrian safety is a pleasant surprise in Canada, with locals stopping for pedestrians at crosswalks. Walking is encouraged, despite large city sizes. More here"

Credit Ratings

Newcomers may find building credit in Canada different, often starting from scratch, as a US credit rating doesn't apply here.


Canada's weather may surprise newcomers as it contrasts greatly from their native climates. As noted, food and alcohol costs are high, and regions like the South Shore are less cold and snowy than expected.

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