Dissapointingly Uncool – Millennials Share Shocking Moments That Made Them Realize They’re Outdated

Aging means feeling detached from new trends. For millennials, who grew up in the digital age, realizing they're out of touch can be shocking. Let's look at these moments.


For many millennials, TikTok's rise was a reality check indicating they're not in sync with the latest trends. The app can be perplexing for occasional users.

Pop Culture References

Using outdated TV show or celebrity references can make you seem out of touch. Someone said, "I referenced Seinfeld at work and a coworker was totally confused."


Another said that they realized they were no longer cool after realizing they don’t recognize any of the celebrities in commercials.

Music Tastes

"As we age, our music tastes can get stuck in the past. One person found their taste stuck in the 2000s when they couldn't enjoy top 40 hits anymore."


"YouTube is a platform for youths to display their talents. When we're unfamiliar with the latest YouTubers, it shows we're out of touch."

Fanny Packs

"When I saw teenagers wearing fanny packs, I knew I was out of touch. Interestingly, young adults today refuse to call them fanny packs."

Slang Terms

Not understanding latest slang suggests we're not hip anymore. “When people started saying “cap”. That's when I knew."


Having children can remind us we're no longer cool. When our kids develop interests we don't get, it's a sign we're out of touch.

Fashion Trends

"Recent online trends deem side-parts and skinny jeans 'for old people', with middle parts and bell-bottoms now cool. It's upsetting and ironic that current fashion relies on our childhood styles."

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