Dissapointingly Uncool – Millennials Share Shocking Moments That Made Them Realize They’re Outdated

Aging often disconnects us from new trends. This can be unsettling for millennials, used to being tech and social media-savvy. Here's how some realized they're not 'cool' anymore.


Many millennials find the rise of TikTok a reminder that they're out of touch with latest trends, often finding the app's videos baffling and dull.

Pop Culture References

Referencing outdated TV shows/celebs can feel alienating. Someone said, "I made a Seinfeld reference, my coworker was clueless; she knew it as her dad's favorite show."


Another said that they realized they were no longer cool after realizing they don’t recognize any of the celebrities in commercials.

Music Tastes

As we age, our music tastes may get stuck in the past. One person found their tastes fixed in the 2000s or earlier.


YouTube is a stage for talent where not knowing popular YouTubers can seem uncool. “I was asked my favorite YouTuber & realized I don't use it like so...”

Fanny Packs

Seeing teens wear fanny packs made me feel out of loop with cool trends. Young adults now don’t even call them fanny packs.

Slang Terms

"Slang terms may signal we're out of touch. Not understanding them signifies missing out on latest trends. “When people started saying “cap”. That’s when I knew.”


Children's unique interests can remind us that we're no longer in touch with what’s cool.

Fashion Trends

"I felt uncool when I read side parts are for oldies, only middle parts are trendy. Then skinny jeans were criticized. Fashion is now based on our childhood styles!"

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