Difficult Questions: Daughter Asks Why Her Parents Are Separated And Her Mother Doesn’t Know How To Answer

Divorce is tough for everyone involved. For 'Sarah', explaining her separation from her ex-husband to her daughter is a unique challenge.

They Have Always Been Separated

Sarah's daughter knows only a life with co-parenting. From just 4 weeks old, her parents have maintained a strong relationship, even attending each other's weddings, for her sake.

The Realization

"Sarah said, “She's realizing we aren’t married or living together, especially now that she has friends with un-divorced parents.”

The Living Arrangement

Sarah's co-parenting strategy: she has her daughter Mondays-Fridays and her ex every other weekend. They adjust the plan if needed for other obligations.

Dealing with Questions

"She's asking why we split, if we'll reunite," Sarah said. "She's struggling with missing her dad, crying nightly, upset she doesn't live with us both."

Explaining the Situation

"Sarah explained that parents work better separately, pondering ways to ease her daughter's worries."

Daughter Is Grieving

A woman, separated for a few months, explains to her daughter that they separated because they want different things. She compares it to food preferences and reassures her child that their love for her is constant, it's okay to grieve, and encourages open communication.

Finding Something To Relate To

Find co-parenting books that offer a child-friendly perspective on separated parents so your child can relate. Media with a positive outlook on co-parenting could also help.

7 Essential Coparenting Tips for Divorced Parents

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