Cringe Millennial Stereotypes from Zoomers’ Point of View

What do younger generations think of millennials? Let's debunk some of the stereotypes they have about millennials in this listicle.

Not Progressive Enough

Some believe millennials aren't progressive, but they argue they've fought for social justice for years. A millennial said, “We’re progressive. Zoomers might be informed, but many seem sexist.”

Weird Taste in Memes

"Gen Z finds millennial meme taste weird and outdated. Millennials argue their memes are still funny and relevant. "

Overuse of “LOL”

"I’ve heard using “lol” often is a Millennial habit. It's hard not to end sentences with “lol”. Millennials love “LOL” or “laugh out loud.” Younger gens find it annoying, but millennials see it as a habit.

Obsessed with the 90s

Accused of 90s obsession, millennials argue it's nostalgia and declare the era was great.

Likes Avocado Toast and Coffee

“Likes avocado toast, drinks a lot of coffee, obsessed with their pets, lazy, uses laughing emoji a lot”

Less Aggravating Than Boomers

Some younger generations believe that millennials are less aggravating than boomers, who are often seen as out of touch and behind the times.

Depressed and Worn Down

Millennials are often accused of being depressed and worn down.

Use of Pinterest and Skinny Jeans

Millennials loved Pinterest, side parts & skinny jeans; Gen Z's style is baggy pants & middle parts, like the 90's. Accusations against us: being the new Gen X, active in civil rights, then selling out to capitalism in adulthood.

The “Millennial Pause”

"The 'Millennial Pause' - a brief silence millennials habitually use before talking in vlogs, attributed to older webcam software delay. Read More"

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