Breastfeeding And Diaper Caddies: Tips To Make The Newborn Stage More Bearable

Hey mama! It's okay to feel overwhelmed, whether you're a first-time mom or an old hand. Motherhood is fulfilling and exhausting. To manage better, take deep breaths and remember these tips from my personal experience will help you thrive in this role. You'll find value in these insights as you strive to be the best mom to your bub!

You might cry all the time after having your baby, and that’s okay.

Post-birth hormones may cause tears and anxiety. Check in with yourself to avoid postpartum depression. Keep emotions at bay by finding a purpose beside your baby, like the Seint Artist program.

Leave some time for yourself

Avoid overbooking yourself with visitors eager to meet the newborn. Establish boundaries & learn to say no when overwhelmed. Trust me, they'll understand!

Ask for help

"It takes a village"- so don't hesitate to ask for help with your baby or accept food from family. These acts play a crucial role in maintaining your mental health.

Have a diaper caddy

One of my top new mom tips is to get a diaper caddy. I didn't think of it, but my mom did, and it became my daily essential. It's useful for changing our baby's diapers anywhere in our home.

If breastfeeding: have a breastfeeding caddy or station

Breastfeeding can be challenging. A caddy with essentials like Hydrogel pads, nursing pads, lactation snacks, nipple cream, portable breast pump, Haakaa, and phone charger can ease the process.

Portable breast pump

Invest in a portable breast pump if you plan on breastfeeding. I found plug-in pumps limiting. Momcozy's portable pumps are affordable and convenient.

Newborn mom tips: Get a baby carrier

This is crucial for babies who cry when put down. My baby carriers enabled me to handle household chores, especially during clingier days!

Leave baby with someone you trust for a few hours

Leave your baby with a trusted person for personal time. Get chores done or simply relax! Further benefits: mental health and uninterrupted rest.

It’s ok to let baby cry

It's ok to let your baby cry if they're seeking attention, not hungry or soiled. Trust me, you can let them cry.

Do chores when baby is awake

Don't wait for your baby to sleep to do chores. Do them while they're awake – saves your energy and encourages them to help later on. Relax when they nap. Related Post: 24 Breastfeeding Hacks...

Bring baby to the bathroom so you can shower

Having a baby doesn't mean giving up on showering regularly. You can bring your baby in the bathroom, in her swing or on a mat, so you can shower without worrying about her waking up.

Do your makeup

Putting makeup on and getting dressed boosts my morning energy. I'm thankful to have found the easiest makeup to put on, making mornings fun.

Go for a walk with baby

Feeling cabin fever? Take your baby outside in your carrier for fresh air. It's healthy for both body and mind!

Cook enough for 2 to 3 days

As a new mom, it's hard to plan meals. Ease the stress by cooking in large batches to last 2-3 days. In my Filipino household, I cook enough rice for three days, making the main meal in large quantities to reheat.

Ask your husband for help – his day off is your day off too

Make a rule that off-duty days for your husband mean the same for you. He's on diaper duty from Friday night. If bottle feeding, delegate this to your partner too, allowing you some relaxation time.

Take multivitamins

Take care of yourself too, mama! Continuation of prenatal vitamins post-birth & multivitamins beyond that is crucial. Child-care depletes nutrients, it's not selfish, but necessary for baby-care.

Do what you love – take up a hobby

If you have enough time to scroll through social media, consider picking up a hobby. I joined the Seint Artist Program, turning my love for makeup into a money-making approach. This goal helps balance my life better.

Invite friends over so you can have adult conversations

Before maternity leave, I looked forward to focusing solely on motherhood. Yet, soon I craved adult talks. Don't isolate, reach out. Be a proactive mom.

Be intentional with your time

Easily lost in daily routines? Be intentional with your time to prevent wondering where the day went. [Read more]

Plan out your day

Be intentional with your time: each morning, write down your top 5 tasks on a notepad or phone to plan your day.

Don’t forget to eat

"Don't forget to eat, even when busy with baby & house chores. You need energy for infant care & household responsibilities. Don't miss meals, mama!"

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