Boundaries And Emotions: 10 Ways To Avoid Raising Obnoxious Kids

A woman on Reddit asked: "Many well-adjusted people from good homes seem entitled and overly sensitive. What are you doing differently to ensure your kids develop good character and can function around diverse environments/people?" She received thoughtful responses.

You Can’t Please Everyone

"I've taught my kids that it's impossible to please everyone and it's okay. Just remain civil, expect to meet difficult people throughout life, and don't let it control you."

Admit You’re Not Perfect

"Admitting to mistakes doesn't make you weak, it makes you human and sets a good example for your child."

Model Behavior

One person believes modeling behavior is key for raising decent children. This includes modeling integrity, honesty, forgiveness, kindness, setting boundaries, validating feelings, and persistent reminder.

Do Basic Chores

Parents are teaching kids basic tasks like cooking and cleaning. A college student observed other students stumbling with tasks like laundry and cooking, highlighting the need for basic life skill education at home.

Set Boundaries

"Set and stand by boundaries. When they're crossed, there are 'consequences', not 'punishments'. Correcting children can be tough. Many are afraid to do so, leading to more unruly behavior."

Regulate Emotions

“Teach them how to regulate strong emotions in advance not in the middle of them having a tantrum.”

Teach Them How To Communicate

“Teach them to express themselves clearly and you do the same, so they know how to communicate. Communication’s the cornerstone of any relationship.”

Set Routines

"Set routines instead of chaos. Breakfast, dinner, and bedtimes matter. Children perform better with order."

Regulate Screen-time

"Don't overdo screen time. It needs regulation for proper communication & focus. It's a freakin' epidemic for all generations alive."

Let Them Take Ownership

"Empower kids by giving them choice in their activities. Encourage them when they try. Let them help with chores like unloading the dishwasher or setting the table. They'll learn how to contribute and feel valued."

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