Boomer In-Laws Demand Payment After She Picks Them Up From The Airport

A woman is frustrated with her in-laws’ demands to pick them up from the airport.

Confused Cathy

'Cathy' denies airport pickup and car reimbursement for boyfriend's parents, yet accepts to house and pet sit during their absence.

Flight Changes

Cathy couldn't pick up her in-laws on Friday due to a prior commitment, as her boyfriend misinformed her about their flight day.

Boyfriend Arranges For His Parents Ride Back Home

Despite the Cathy’s boyfriend arranging for a driver to pick up his parents, they were still unhappy and demanded $200 for the ride.

In-Laws Are Wealthy

Cathy's wealthy in-laws splurge on luxuries, hence her confusion why they made her pay for their car ride home.

They Called Her A Lazy Mooch

Despite their son arranging for their ride back home from the airport, they still called Cathy and her boyfriend “lazy, not dependable and mooches.”

She Should Bill For House Sitting

Many came to the woman’s defense, with one suggesting, “bill them minimum wage for house & pet sitting & see how they respond!

In-Laws Are To Blame For Poor Planning

“You did it all for free, their date mix-up isn't your fault." She house and pet sat; unfair to ask her to pay for a ride they could've arranged.

They Seem Like Entitled In-Laws

A person noted, “You're not required to cover for others' poor planning by dropping your commitments.” Communication of changed plans is essential.

She Should Stand Her Ground And Not Pay Them

"They asked you to house and pet sit. Changed plans, expected you and your boyfriend to adjust. The entitlement of the in-laws is frustrating", a person exclaimed.

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