9 Creative Baby Reveal Ideas That Will Make Your Pregnancy Announcement Unforgettable

Discovering you're expecting is thrilling! Announcing your pregnancy to loved ones is half the fun. Now it's time to brainstorm ways to share this great news!

When should you do a baby reveal announcement?

Considerations before revealing pregnancy: Have you informed your work? How far along are you? Do you want to do a pregnancy reveal announcement? It's personal, no pressure.

Involve Your Children

If this is your second, third, or fourth pregnancy, why not include your child/children in your pregnancy reveal to add a fun twist to the baby reveal announcement?

Involve Your Pets

Got fur babies? Share the cute announcement of a new family member! Related: Top Maternity Items You Need

Use Short-form Video

Create short-form video reveal announcements on any platform! Use your editing skills for a fun baby reveal! Check ours out!

Use Humour To Announce Your Pregnancy!

No one said pregnancy reveals have to be serious! Use humour to announce the big news!

Use Your Hobbies

If you love running, the first image below is a fun pregnancy announcement. Or if you're a Baby Yoda fan, check this cute announcement idea. Use your hobbies for a unique reveal!

Season-Inspired – Winter

If you’re doing your pregnancy reveal during the winter, why not take it outside and use the elements to your advantage and create a truly unique pregnancy reveal?

Season-Inspired – Spring

Spring, a time of blooming and birthing. Announce your pregnancy with pink blooms and cherry blossoms!

Season-Inspired – Summer

Sunflowers symbolize summer! Near a sunflower field and doing a pregnancy reveal? Make it memorable with a photoshoot there.

Season-Inspired – Fall

Ah Fall! My favourite season! Use lots of pumpkin and hot cocoa to announce your pregnancy — fall inspired!

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