8 Things That Happen During Labor And Delivery That Always Catch Women Off-Guard. Do You Agree?

Birth is amazing yet full of surprises. Beyond expected labor events, some aspects can catch people off guard.


“Nobody told me that I’d shake like crazy. My jaw was literally chattering. Even when I commented on how bad it was, none of the nurses chimed in to tell me that was normal.”

Leaving with the Baby

Another person shared that they were surprised by how quickly they were allowed to leave the hospital with their baby. “They just let you leave with the baby after!”


One person was surprised a catheter came with their epidural. "The nurse drained my bladder for ages, filling 3 basins. It just kept coming."

Anticlimactic Pushing

Another person was surprised by how anticlimactic pushing was. “It was more like, we checked your cervix and when the doctor gets back from break we are going to start pushing.”


One person found heartburn surprisingly distracting during childbirth. They felt like vomiting acid after each push, unexpectedly focused on heartburn while delivering a baby.

Taking Care of the Baby

"Sent baby to the nursery for some sleep. Didn't think I'd need to feed him, dress him, or change him. Could pick him up anytime!"

Empty Feeling

One person expressed surprise at the sense of emptiness felt post-birth, especially after the placenta was out. They described it as empty yet somehow also relieving.


Another person was surprised by how much they were sweating during labor. “Literally in between contractions I was asking my husband to dig through my bag for my deodorant.”

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