8 Reasons Why Millennials Will Go Down in History As The Lost Generation

Millennials, dubbed the 'lost generation', grapple with unique challenges in a fast-paced world. This piece explores reasons for their struggles and potential historical imprint.

Degrees for Jobs

One person stated millennials need degrees for jobs completed with high school diplomas 50 years ago.

Retirement Age

One person shared millennials are expected to work until 70, a daunting prospect compared to previous generations who retired earlier. “We're expected to work until 70,” they said.

Work-Life Balance

A person said millennials are expected to constantly be on call due to technology, disrupting work-life balance.

Job Competition

One noted job competition for millennials is intense, requiring 10x more effort than 50 years ago.

Stagnant Wages

"Wages have stagnated for decades, some jobs pay less than 30 years ago, now requiring a degree and 10x more qualifications," says one person.

Missed Opportunities

Another person shared that millennials were born too late to explore the world and too early to explore the cosmos.

Internet Pioneers

"One person highlighted how millennials had the unique opportunity to explore the nascent internet, giving them an unparalleled experience.

Career Uncertainty

One person expressed their struggle with continual self-education for now obsolete jobs, leaving their career future uncertain due to automation.

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