8 Millennial Trends That Gen Z Vows Never To Copy

Gen Z looks up to millennials but won't follow all trends. Here are 7 millennial behaviors that Gen Z will surely not adopt.

Weird Eyebrows

One trend that Gen Z is unlikely to adopt is the trend of overly drawn-on or unnatural-looking eyebrows.

Hipster Food

Gen Z likely won't follow the trend of expensive hipster food. “Why pay $50 for a deconstructed salad when you can eat fresh from a local garden?”

Impact Font Memes

Impact font memes started with millennials, and will also die with millenials.

“Only 90’s Kids Remember This”

Where did the “Only 90’s Kids Remember This” memes start? Whoever started it, Gen Z doesn’t want to copy it, as they say it’s ‘gatekeeping’ childhood.


While Facebook may have been popular among millennials, Gen Z is unlikely to follow suit. “NONE of that age group use Facebook. It’s an ‘old person’s thing’ to them.”

Relationship with Gen X

Gen Z aims to avoid the tension millennials have with baby boomers in their relationship with Gen X. Time will tell.

Cancel Culture

"Cancel culture may not be readily adopted by Gen Z as with millennials. They hope for its cancellation due to false accusations for online clout."

Childhood Gatekeeping

Finally, Gen Z is unlikely to gatekeep childhood in the same way that millennials have. “As a Gen Zer I hope we will not gatekeep childhood like millennials do.”

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