8 Heartbreaking Things That Killed Friendships Immediately

Friendships are an important part of our lives, but sometimes they can come to an end abruptly. Here are some stories from people who sadly lost their best friends.

Refusing to Help In Times of Need

A 20-year friendship ended when one friend refused to help the other's husband post brain surgery. "After all the help I gave her, she couldn't spare an hour to watch my husband for me."

Narcissistic Behavior

A girl discovered her friend of 14 years was a narcissist after overhearing her disparage her. The ensuing confrontation ended their friendship. See the full story here.

Workplace Drama

A lazy, drama-causing coworker lost a friend's respect, ending their friendship. "Their laziness and constant drama-cost me my respect for them."

Not Listening to Warnings

Ignoring a friend's warning, I chose my fiancé over the friend, who had cautioned about the fiancé's infidelity. The fiancé, now ex-wife, ended up cheating multiple times.

Dog Attack

A pitbull-owner's negligence led to her dog attacking another dog and wrongfully reporting the victim as aggressive, effectively ending a 12-year friendship. She let her pitbull off leash during the first encounter with my dog which led to an immediate attack. She reported MY DOG as the culprit-next day, but my vet's evidence helped clear her name. That incident terminated our long-lasting friendship.

Controlling Behavior

A friend, controlling and insulting for not having the same interests, caused their friendship to end. He treated me as lesser, controlling what I said/did, and demanded I enjoy shared interests his way.

Drifting Apart

"Friendships often end without reason. One day they meet someone new and it's over. “No fight or disagreement. They met their spouse and since then radio silence"

Lack of Effort

The friendship ended when a friend moved away and stopped putting effort. Despite offers to visit, they never reached out.

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