7 Millennial Experiences That Gen Z Will Never Understand

Technology & societal evolution leaves some millennial experiences, like simpler times & pre-9/11 security, unattainable to Gen Z. Here's 8 of them.

Unrecorded Stupidity

Millennials could do something stupid as a kid without fear of internet immortalization, one millennial noted.

Being Unreachable

Before smartphones and constant connectivity, it was okay to be unreachable. “It was ok to be unreachable,” one millennial wrote.

Pre-Internet Distraction

"Millennials recall life without constant internet distractions. “My love for reading faded over time. I resent this convenient distraction the internet has become.”

Pre-9/11 Airport Security

“Pre 9/11 airport security. Airline pilot’s letting us kids into the cockpit and giving us sweets.”

Early Days of the Internet

“The rush of internet chat (AIM, ICQ, Yahoo Chat) and the nascent newness of the internet as a whole (make a website at Geocities!, Shop online! Napster!).”

Wild West Days of the Internet

"Internet's Wild West days. The Forums. Home for your niche interests without judgement. Today's social media lacks that. We weren't meant to be under one roof."

Radio Discoveries

“The absolute joy of hearing a song that’s been stuck in your head for a week come on the radio and finally finding out the artist/title.”

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