16 Genius Gen X Life Advice To Clueless Gen Z

Growing older, we realize we wish we knew certain things earlier. We learn from mistakes & experiences and share this wisdom with youth. Here are 5 senior advice tips.

Protect Your Ears

Older people often regret not protecting their ears. One 52-year-old advises using foam earplugs at loud events to avoid constant ringing later in life. Take care of your ears now.

Learn About Finances and Taxes

Learning about finances and taxes is crucial for informed decision-making, as one cannot evade them, no matter how old you get.

It’s Never Too Late to Change

No matter your age, it's never too late for change. Like someone in their 40s advised, "There's always time to turn around if you're on the wrong path." Don't give up. You can always start again.

Take Care of Your Health

Health is priceless. As advised by someone in their 50s, "Stay fit. No amount of money can buy health." Exercise and eat well for body care.

Wear Sunscreen

Protect your skin from sun damage. As a 41-year-old advices, "Wear sunscreen daily, I've been doing it for 15 years." Your skin will thank you later.

Necessities over Luxuries.

Don't get swept by trends or luxuries, prioritize essentials like food, shelter, healthcare. Have a solid foundation before making unnecessary purchases.

Take care of your health

"Your health, including dental health, is essential. Maintain hygiene, rest, exercise, and don't forget about dental care."

Start saving now

"Start saving now, even a little bit counts. Don't overlook money management. It's vital for securing your future."

Always learn something new

"Always be learning - from playing a guitar to fixing a toilet. Keep your mind active! Picking up new skills or hobbies, like a new language or DIY project can boost your confidence and open up new opportunities."

Floss, eat your greens, drink water

" Adopt simple habits: floss, eat greens, drink water, exercise, and save 15% for retirement. This puts you ahead of 90% of peers in 20 years."

Take Risks

"Take risks. Talk to your crush, change your hairstyle, move cities. Everything is transient. Step out of your comfort zone, it can lead to personal growth & new experiences."

What People Do Matter More

"Actions speak louder than words. Pay more attention to what people do than to what they say. Always observe their actions before making judgments or decisions."<

Maintenance Is Easier Thank Fixing

"Maintaining things is simpler than fixing them; be it house cleaning or car care. Prevention helps avoid bigger problems; saves time, money."


Reading enhances knowledge and stimulates imagination. Both fiction and non-fiction contribute to critical thinking and empathy.

It’s Ok To Play Videogames

"Playing video games is fun, but balance is key. Don't let it consume all your time. Prioritize other life aspects too."

Put your phone away when you’re talking to people.

In the digital age, distractions abound. Respect others by focusing on them, not your phone. This fosters better interactions.

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