12 Signs Someone Is An Only Child

Being an only child offers unique experiences. Here are top 10 signs to spot an only child, according to Reddit users.

Trusting Easily

"I surprised my boyfriend with candy. He trusted me, no suspicion. Siblings can't trust like that."

Passive Behavior

“My friend jokingly threw a tea towel at me and I let is land on me. She said that was classic only child behaviour to not instantly throw it back and try to hit her with it.”

Exposure To More Media

Being an only child, my nostalgia is my own media timeline. Those with siblings grew up exposed to a wider range of media/music/games from their siblings' interests.

Not Announcing Where They Are Going

Heard single children don't announce their exits. I do that, but my partner, with two sisters, always announces his, even to the bathroom.

Forgiving Easily

“My boyfriend, an only child, didn't get how I could fight with my sister/roommate then get ice cream or see a movie together.”

Difficulty Sharing Food

“My husband HATES sharing food!”

Good At Entertaining Themselves

"My husband excels at keeping busy, particularly apparent in recent years. While I felt lost due to my outside hobbies, he thrived, picking up many independent activities."

Friends Is Different From Siblings

“Thinking friendship is like having siblings. It’s not. I would never smash a toy on my friend’s head and expect them to speak to me after.”

Eating Habits

"Personal experience: food habits. Like expecting snacks you bought to remain untouched, eating slower due to lack of sibling competition. Parents' food behaviors can also be influenced by their sibling experiences."

No Tales of Sibling Violence

“No tales of sibling violence. My boyfriend doesn’t understand. I told him not to throw things at me expecting me to catch it – my instinct is to shield my face.”

Need For Alone Time

"Most of us need alone time, including me. Despite being sociable, it can get overwhelming. I require daily solitude to manage stress levels."

More Comfortable Around Adults

"Usually, a kid trying to hang with adults and overwhelmed in a group of kids is an only child."

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