11 Things You Believed As A Kid That Are Actually False

In this piece, adults reveal naive childhood beliefs they've debunked with age. Growing up allows us to question beliefs we once took for granted.

Adult Capabilities

One person realized that adults, including those in government, don't have everything figured out and often "90% don’t care about any of us".


Another person shared that they believed acne would stop after turning 18, only to realize that it can continue into adulthood.

Car Lights

One individual believed that driving with the car light on could result in getting pulled over or ticketed.


One person stopped believing in karma seeing exploiters and the malicious often lead successful lives.

Hard Work and Success

One person learned that despite hard work and goodness, life can be unpredictable. "I was a hopeful child", they admit.

Driving Abilities

One person believed that passing a driving test meant competency, only to discover it's not always true.


One person shared that they believed quicksand would be a major problem, only to realize it’s not as common as they thought.

University Degrees

Another person shared that they believed that getting a university degree would guarantee a well-paying job, only to realize that’s not always the case. 


One person thought war was outdated until realizing it's still a reality globally. “I believed war was archaic and extinct,” they say.

Respect for Elders

Someone affirmed elders deserve respect, but later realized respect is earned, not age-based. They called this belief a "scam."

Feeling Grown Up

A person shared they thought aging would bring maturity, only to feel the same as their teenage self but older.

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