11 Millennials Share Things From The Past That They Deeply Regret

As millennials continue to navigate adulthood, many of them have regrets about their past decisions. Here are some of the biggest regrets that millennials have shared.

Letting Trauma Get in the Way

"Trauma led me to squander a scholarship by drinking. After a 10-year break, I'm back in school with a 4.0. Therapy works - deal with your problems."

Not Taking Advantage of College Opportunities

"Wish I did more in college: join clubs, activities, fun classes. Great to connect with peers with lower responsibilities. Take advantage!"

Taking on Too Much Debt

"It varies based on personal circumstances, but acquiring lifetime debt for some degrees is unwise. Join groups, explore interests."

Not Seeking Help for Mental Health

“I would have treated my depression sooner. I didn’t realize how much it held me back.”

Not Having Enough Fun

“I didn’t have enough fun or date enough people, and I turned down too many fun invites to parties or road trips or dates.”

Neglecting Retirement Savings

“Avoid consumer debt and invest in your retirement (401k and IRA) as early and as often as possible/realistic for you. Time is your biggest resource in this context.”

Not Being There for Friends and Family

"Regret not being there for loved ones during crucial times. Didn't visit friend or help mom. Should've provided emotional support."

Choosing the Wrong Major

"Majored in a field that didn't ensure a lucrative career, setting me back 5-10 years. Had to return to school for financial and career progression."

Staying in Unhealthy Relationships

“Don’t put up with being treated poorly for the sake of being in a relationship.”

Not Embracing Individuality

“Dye your hair and get piercings and tattoos—it’s not going to ruin your future.”

Not Embracing Cultural Identity

"I wish I had embraced my Asian roots and made more friends in my community during the tougher 90s era."

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