“$10K Should Be Enough To Cover Costs” Boomer Dad Says Son Is Spoiled Because His Wedding Costs More Than His Own

A man is wondering if he is wrong for being stingy when helping to pay for his son’s wedding.

Engaged Son

The 57-year-old man said his 23-year-old son is engaged to a woman named Peggy. “They have been engaged for 5 months or so.”

Giving Money For The Wedding

“We agreed to share Peggy's wedding costs. Her dad suggested $10k each. I thought it was excessive, offering $5k instead. He left it at $5k too,” said her father.

Not Enough

After he told his son how much he is going to give, the son said it wasn’t going to be enough.

Son Said It’s Ok

The son said, “I don’t mind, I figured that me and Peggy would have to pay for some of the wedding”.

Dad Thinks 10K Is Enough For A Wedding

The father was confused. “I asked what he meant. He said no way would they be able to do their wedding in under $10k.”

Comparing The Present Vs The Past

The father compared his own wedding to his son’s. “My own wedding, after haggling and deals, only came out to around $7k so I do not think this is an issue.”

Son Outlines The Cost

"He argued my wedding was 40 years back and prices were different. He said the cheapest venue costs $5k and food will be $2.5k," said the groom's father.

Son Thanks Father

“He again said he didn’t mind and he thanked me for giving them money for the wedding but I honestly felt hurt that he thought we were not giving enough,” said the dad.

Father Is Confused

"He claimed $2,500 for food was just $25/person. Suggested cheaper options, but faced resistance. Suggested cuts on photography, decoration, but got denied. Offer less, expect less, $10K will suffice."Read More

Wife Doesn’t Agree With Husband

The man’s wife sided with their son. “I was complaining about this instance to my wife and she told me I was being a stick in the mud and it’s his only wedding. “

Prices Have Increased

Some argue the dad has no right to judge his son's spending: "You were thanked; rest will be paid. It's not your business how they spend. Can't you see prices rise over decades?"

This Is Why Boomers Are Made Fun Of

"Boomers are ridiculed for not acknowledging the increase in prices. They expect youth to achieve what they did years ago. Things have changed dramatically."

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