10 Ways To Show Appreciation For Kids’ Teachers

Celebrate teachers' efforts with these 10 ideas. Get kids to pen thank you notes expressing their appreciation for their teachers' hard work.

Create a Teacher Appreciation Video

Have kids create a short video expressing their appreciation for their teachers. They can share stories, jokes, or anything else that shows how much they care.

Make a Gift Basket

Have kids put together a gift basket for their teachers, filled with their favorite snacks, school supplies, and other small gifts.

Decorate the Classroom

Help kids decorate their teacher’s classroom with balloons, streamers, and other decorations to make it a special day.

Plan a Surprise Party

Organize a surprise party for the teacher, complete with balloons, cake, and other treats.

Host a Talent Show

Have kids put on a talent show for their teachers, showcasing their skills in singing, dancing, or other talents.

Play Teacher for a Day

Let kids play teacher for a day, giving them the opportunity to teach their class a lesson or two so they can gain better appreciation with their teachers.

Create a Memory Book

Have kids create a memory book for their teachers, filled with pictures, stories, and other mementos from the school year.

Plan a Field Trip

Organize a field trip to a local museum, park, or other attraction as a special treat for the teacher and students.

Host a Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

Organize a special luncheon for the teacher and students, complete with homemade food and other treats.

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