10 Ways to Live Clutter-Free Even with Small Children

Maintaining a clutter-free home with kids may seem tough, but it's achievable with simple strategies. Discover how to keep your space tidy, even with children about.

Purge Regularly

To live clutter-free with children, regularly purge unneeded belongings. Set a monthly time to clean out.

Create a System for Toys

Toys can quickly take over your home, but you can keep them organized by creating a system. Use bins, baskets, or shelves to keep toys organized and easy to access.

Use Vertical Space

When you’re short on space, it’s important to use vertical space to your advantage. Install shelves or use hanging organizers to store items off the ground and out of the way.

Rotate Toys

Limit the toys available to your child and rotate them every few weeks. Learn more

Create a Drop Zone

Create a designated drop zone near the entrance to your home to keep shoes, coats, and bags organized. This will help prevent clutter from spreading throughout your home.

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

When you’re short on space, multi-purpose furniture can be a lifesaver. Look for pieces that can serve multiple functions, such as a storage ottoman or a bed with built-in drawers.

Keep Surfaces Clear

Keeping surfaces clear is key to living clutter-free with small children. Make it a habit to clear off counters and tables each day to prevent clutter from accumulating.

Store Items in Clear Containers

Storing items in clear containers helps stay organized. You'll see what's inside, saving time and minimizing frustration.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Create a cleaning schedule to manage clutter and prevent overwhelm. Dedicate weekly time to clean and declutter. Stick to your plan.

Teach Your Children to Tidy Up

Teaching your children to tidy up helps live clutter-free. Make it fun or set a timer to encourage them.

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