10 Things With Names That Just Don’t Make Sense

Sometimes, things are named in a way that is confusing or misleading. In this listicle, we’ll explore some examples of things that are poorly named.

X (Twitter)

“X (Twitter). Sounds like an adult site. Dude gave up a brand name recognized worldwide for something you can’t even google properly.”

Lisp, Dyslexia, and Stuttering

"Lisp, stutter, dyslexia are hard terms for ones suffering as pronunciation & writing becomes tough. Link"

Head Over Heels

“Being head over heels. We’re almost always head over heels.”

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

“The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The more descriptions of democracy the name has, the less democratic it probably is.”

Zoo Miami

“Here in Miami, we have a zoo called “Zoo Miami.” It’s just weird that it was named that way. Why not call it Miami Zoo?”

Panama City Hall

“In Florida: The City of Panama City City Hall”


“”JavaScript”. So many recruiters think it’s Java. JavaScript is to Java what Ham is to Hamster.”

Iceland and Greenland

“Iceland/Greenland. Biggest scam in history, so big you can see it on a world map.”

Driveway and Parkway

“Driveway. Where you PARK. Parkway. Where you DRIVE.”

Boneless Wings

“Boneless wings.” A better name would be ‘chicken nuggets.’

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