10 Things We’ve All Done That Instantly Makes Anyone Look Stupid

Let’s face it, we all have moments where we look a little silly. Here are ten things that make everyone look stupid, no matter who does them.

Choking on Your Spit

Choking on your own spit and coughing for ages makes it tough to keep cool.

Picking Up a Credit Card

"Picking up a credit card from a smooth floor can make you seem foolish, especially when missing it repeatedly. “Trying to pick a credit card up from a perfectly smooth floor.”"

Chasing a Ping Pong Ball

"Chasing a rolling ping pong ball makes you resemble a dog chasing its tail."

Misunderstood Greetings

It's awkward when you misunderstand a greeting and wave at the wrong person. Even when you try to play it cool, it never is. "The moment you think someone is waving at you, but it's not for you."

Walking Down Uncomfortable Steps

"Walking down irregularly spaced stone steps feels like a lunge workout."

Walking Through a Spider Web

Walking through a spider web can make even the toughest person look like they’re doing the spider dance. “Walking through a spider web”

Tip-Toeing on Wet Floors

Our awkward tip-toe walk across a freshly mopped wet floor is far from graceful, but shows we care.

Avoiding a Bee

Trying to avoid a bee that took you by surprise can make you look like you’re doing a strange dance. “Avoiding a bee that took you by surprise”

Running for the Bus

Running to catch the bus before it takes off can make you look like you’re in a race. Especially when you miss it. “Running to get to the bus before it takes off”

Stuck Shopping Carts

Using a shopping cart with a stuck wheel can make you look like you’re trying to steer a drunken horse. “Using a cart with a stuck wheel.”

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