10 Signs That You’re A Boomer And Gen Z Is Judging You

As generations shift, what we enjoy changes too. Some passions are timeless, others outdated. Here are ten things loved by elders but misconstrued by youth.

Being the First to Break Bad News

Older people often relish delivering bad news about neighbors first, says a window cleaner. They react with disappointment when they're not the first to share such news.

Protecting Their Property

"Older people take immense pride in their property. As one shared, “A drunk kid damaged my beloved hedge. This moment awakened the old in me.”

Enjoying ‘Old People’ Clothes

Older people often enjoy their unique sense of style. One person shares how their daughter labeled their clothes as "old", but later noticed some "pretty good stuff", despite nothing changing.

Sitting and Watching the World Go By

In some cultures, older people like sitting outside, observing life pass by. As a Brazilian shares, they often sit in front of their homes for hours, quietly observing.

Traditional Music

Older people tend to enjoy traditional music, younger generations deem unappealing. As shared, parents once indifferent to Vietnamese music now enjoy it, leaving their child apprehensive.

Watching the News

Older people often watch the news constantly, a habit that younger generations find unnecessary.

Playing Slot Machines

Older individuals relish hours on slot machines, unlike younger folks who find it monotonous. Casino ads depict youthful joy, clashing with the reality of silent elders at play.

Sharing Ailments

"Many older people share their ailments with anyone who listens. As a 57-year old shares, “I vowed not to become one of these over-sharing old people.”

Fine China and Silverware

Older people value fine china and silverware, deemed outdated by younger generations. One person notes, it's costly, fragile, has little resale value, and is used mainly to impress the old.

Relaxing in a Recliner

"Older people find relaxation in recliners, viewed as boring by the youth. "My recliner is glorious. I may seem nuts, but it's nice to sit and relax"", one shares.

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