10 Moms Share Mainstream Parenting Habits That They Can’t Get On Board With

Each mom has her unique parenting style. However, a few practices are commonly skipped or modified. Here are some examples.

Sippy Cups

"Sippy cups may cause poor mouth development. I bought many for my first kid but switched to straws after few months. For my second, I'm skipping sippy cups altogether."

Allowing Bumps and Falls

“I don't stop her from minor falls or bruises, only serious injuries. I want her to learn risk-assessment and problem-solving, not fear trying things.”

Not Sharing Identity Online

“Probably my only hardline issue is not putting my child’s identity online. So no announcements, posts or photos on social media.”

Laissez-Faire Approach to Screen Time

"I'm relaxed about screen time. Quality matters more than quantity. Sesame Street? Yes! My kid learned the alphabet at 18 months thanks to it. Baby Shark? Hard pass."

Avoiding Youtube Kids

"Youtube Kids is harmful. The content is bad, and the ability to constantly swap shows is unhealthy for kids' attention span."

Not Sleep Training

"Haven't sleep trained for 14 months. Preparing to night wean. If the baby wakes and cries, they need something from mom, even if it's just her comfort."

Not Swaddling or Using Pacifiers

Didn't swaddle/use pacifiers as my baby didn't like them. Also skeptical about their impact on jaw/teeth/tongue posture development.

Cloth Diapers

"I use disposable diapers for travel or nights, along with cloth and elimination communication (EC). EC helps my child be unafraid of the toilet, it's not about early potty training."

Wide Toe Box Shoes

“My major one is I’m going to be buying her wide toe box shoes because I don’t want her feet to be pointed and get bunions later in life.”

No Smash Cake

"A smash cake for his 1st birthday in a few weeks. The cake will be neatly sliced and he'll get a plate as usual."

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