10 Horrifying Times People Realized They Are No Longer Young

As we age, there are moments that make us realize we’re no longer young. Redditors share the moment that they realized that they were no longer young.

Cat Older Than Students

One person said, “My childhood cat lived to 21.5 so teaching freshman biology lab became very weird when I realized my cat was older than my students.”

Age Gap at Work

Working with younger colleagues can emphasize age differences. Some find terms like "mom" or "Mama bear" endearing, others are comfortable being "Auntie" but dislike "ma'am".

Physical Limitations

"Fell down stairs; instead of laughter, there was concern. That's when I knew I'd crossed a threshold."

Parenting Moments

"A preschool teacher experiences parents now being younger than her. Another recounts their pediatrician's shock at treating their husband, and later, their kids."

Dating Differences

"A new coworker asked which app I used to meet my husband. I shared we met at a summer camp 15 years ago. He bemoaned dating difficulties while scrolling profiles."

Keeping Up With Trends

One person said that they overheard a coworker talking about how he can’t stand when people are 35 and trying to keep up with fashion and style. “I was 34 so that was frightening.”

Classic Cars Aren’t So Old

"In trade school, a student introduced himself saying he's into classic cars, particularly a '97 model. We, the older ones, all groaned audibly."

What’s A Dial-Up?

"Young guy's first console was PS4 and first computer used Windows 8. Didn't know dial-up or rotary phones. Made me feel old."

New Slang

At 45, I work part-time as a beertender. Among my younger counterparts, I quickly learned that I lacked modern US slang comprehension. Terms like "this slaps" and "no cap" bewildered me.

Working Longer Than People Have Been Alive

“Years ago, before I retired, when I met a new young troop and realized I’d been in the military longer than they had been alive”

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