10 Annoying Trends People Wish Would Go Away

There are always new trends popping up, but not all of them are well-received. Here are 10 recent trends that many people secretly hate:

Tip Requests on Every Single Transaction

Many people find it annoying when they are prompted to tip on every single transaction, even if it’s just a small purchase.

Subscriptions for Everything

With everything from streaming to meal kits requiring a subscription, many are tired of the onslaught of such services.

Posting Reels/Videos of Themselves Crying

Reaction Videos

Many find watching reaction videos pointless, preferring the original content. "Videos with half the screen showing someone just nodding or pointing" aren't popular.

Recording Every Single Thing They Do

Some people find it frustrating when others record everything they do, rather than just enjoying the moment.

Lip Syncing Videos

People get annoyed by videos of poor lip-syncing to music. It's bewildering why many cannot edit to match words with their mouths.

Tablets Instead of Proper Buttons in Cars

Many people find it frustrating when cars have tablets instead of proper buttons for everything. It can be distracting and difficult to navigate.


Angertainment, or entertainment that is designed to make people angry, is becoming more and more prevalent. Many people find it divisive and unproductive.

Using Kids for Views

Some people find it inappropriate when parents use their children for views on social media. It can be exploitative and potentially dangerous.

Shaving a Line in Eyebrows

Some find guys shaving a line in their eyebrow to imitate a scar unnecessary and try-hard: "Least they can do is get a real scar."

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