Narcissist Woman Angry After Daughter Shaved Her Legs Without Her Permission

A woman is angered after she found out that her daughter shaved her leg without her permission, and with the help of her step-mother.

Parenting can be tricky, especially when it comes to blended families. A stepmother recently found herself in hot water when she offered to shave her stepdaughter’s legs. While she thought she was helping, her stepdaughter’s mother did not approve. So, the question is, was she in the wrong?

The Step-Mother Visits Her Step-Daughter

The stepmother, who we’ll call Anne, is 29 years old, and was visiting her husband’s daughter, 12 years old, in her hometown. While shopping at Target, the stepdaughter expressed interest in some shorts but refused to get them because she was ashamed of her hairy legs.

Anne said, “My husband and I are currently visiting his daughter in her hometown. One of the things we did is go shopping at Target.” Anne noted that before going shopping, she asked her step-daughter’s mother if she’s allergic or sensitive to anything, or if there’s anything she is not allowed to have. Anne added, “my step-daughter tends to copy what I’m purchasing for myself. Her mom said she’s not allowed any make up and that otherwise she’s not sensitive or allergic to anything.”

The Shopping Trip

Anne said, “while at Target my step daughter really like some shorts but she refused to get them because she does not wear shorts outside (even in summer) because her legs are really hairy and her mom doesn’t allow her to shave.”

“She’s a brunette with really thick hair,” added Anne. “My husband and I were really surprised to hear this. I didn’t have any shaving legs restrictions growing up.”

Anne asked her sister-in-law, and her own step-mom and some friends if they had the same restrictions, and everyone said they were allowed to shave or their mom would help them to shave. Because everyone she knew were ‘allowed’ to shave growing up, she found this restriction odd.

“We had one more activity planned,” said Anne. Anne and her husband had another plan, which was to go to the water park with her step-daughter. However, her step-daughter refused “because she’s ashamed to wear a swim suit.” Anne noted that her step-daughter loves water parks but only refused because of her unshaved legs. “So I offered to shave her legs and she agreed, I used high quality products and she loved the feel of smooth legs.”

The Mother’s Perspective

The stepdaughter’s mother eventually saw her daughter’s hairless legs and became very angry. She sent Anne and her husband an email calling them ‘irresponsible’ for going against her wishes. She did not approve of her daughter shaving her legs and felt that the stepmother had crossed a line.

The Debate

Anne believed that she was helping her stepdaughter and did not see anything wrong with it. Before the shopping trip to Target, she had no idea that the stepdaughter’s mother did not allow her to shave.

Some people commented on the situation and sympathized with Anne’s step-daughter. Some people have pointed out that the mother’s refusal to allow her daughter to shave her legs may be causing unnecessary embarrassment and discomfort. One person noted, “If she’s embarrassed to the point of being unable to enjoy herself or to be comfortable, then the mother is not being very understanding.”

Another added, “She’s 12 years old. She’s hitting puberty, clearly. If she wants to shave her legs, she should be allowed to shave her legs. They’re HER legs.”

Another person noted, “You’re technically [in the wrong]. But sometimes it takes [an antagonist] to do something right.”

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