“I’d Rather Go To Europe” Her Sister Wants Her To Pause Her Life To Be Present During Birth

When a woman’s family insists that she should not travel to Europe and leave her deaf pregnant sister to attend her medical appointments alone, she finds herself in a dilemma.

Woman Plans Eurotrip With Friends

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“My very best friends and I are planning a big trip this summer in Europe. We will be gone for around 2 months. So it’s sort of a celebration for that and to spent some time together before we all move away and are living in different cities,” said the original poster (OP), a soon-to-be college graduate.

She Informed Her Family Of Her Plans

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“I did talk about this trip with my family last year when me and my friends first thought of it. It wasn’t a problem then,” OP says. “Now that we have exact dates my sister is not happy because she is pregnant and the trip will be towards the end of her pregnancy.”

Deaf Sister Struggles With Finding Interpreter

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OP’s pregnant deaf sister has been struggling to find a female interpreter to interpret her doctor appointments while she is gone. “My sister is deaf. Previously I have gone with her to doctor appointments to translate. She can read lips, but sometimes misunderstands things and likes me there to interpret,” OP explains.

They Think She Should Cancel Her Trip

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OP’s father and brother both think she should cancel the trip because of the stressful time her sister is going through, but OP doesn’t think it’s fair. “Given that I’m not going on the trip for over almost 4 months I told her she still has plenty of time to find a female interpreter that she is comfortable with. She however thinks it is a ridiculously short amount of time to find someone to be included in something so intimate,” OP says.

Should She Go To The Trip?

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OP is now faced with a difficult dilemma – should she go on the trip with her friends or stay and help her sister? “My father and brother both think I should cancel the trip because this is a very stressful time for my sister and that I need to be there for her. I just feel like it’s unfair to me to have to give up my plans because of her choices,” she adds.

Others Say She Should Go On The Trip

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Many are supportive of OP’s decision to go on the trip. “The trip is 4 months away and that should give her time to find a friend or family member to go with her to appointments. It’s great that you’ve been so supportive all this time, and it’s okay for you to go on what sounds like a once in a lifetime trip. Hope you go and have a great time!”

OP is now faced with a difficult decision to make. Will she choose her friends and go on the trip, or will she stay and help her pregnant deaf sister?

What would you do in this situation?

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