“She Wants Me To Make Her Lunch So She Doesn’t Have To Spend Money” Man Frustrated At Partner’s Entitlement

A man is wondering if he is in the wrong for refusing to make lunch for his partner.


A woman asked her partner, who we’ll call ‘Ray’, to make him lunch for the next day because she’s going to bed and has nothing to eat for lunch the next day.

Ray Works From Home

Ray works from home most days, and on this particular day, him and his partner have both had a busy day of errands and housework. Around 10 PM, his partner asks if he can make her lunch for the next day. Ray notes that he does not ask her to make lunch on the days that he does have to go to work, and in fact, he does the cooking most days.

Ray Refuses

Ray refuses to make her lunch. “I said I have work to do (and will stay up late to do it) and probably won’t have time.”

She Does Not Want To Buy Lunch

When Ray suggests that she buy something for lunch, she refused. “She objected to picking something up [for lunch] tomorrow as she “already spends too much money” on transport and she gets paid in a few days.”

She Asks Him To Make Her Lunch Again

Although Ray already refused, she still asked him a second time. “She places a can of tuna in front of me ‘so I don’t forget’. I said I never agreed to do it, but I’ll see.”

Others Weigh In

Many sided with ray and said that she displays entitled behavior. One person said he should exert minimal effort on preparing her lunch. He said, “what weird, entitled behavior. I’d stick the can of tuna in a lunch bag with a can opener and call it a night.”

Another said she’d be annoyed if her husband asked her to do this when he is capable. “What was stopping her from doing it before she went to bed? I’d be pretty annoyed if my husband asked me to do this when he’s quite capable.”

Someone else was very annoyed at her behavior. “Geez why is she so entitled? Leaves a tuna can out? She’s a grown lady. She can make her own lunch.”

In the end Ray said he prepared lunch for her. “I made a cold wrap and placed it with a bag of chips/crisps.” Someone else responded to this and said it was way nicer than what she deserved. “Nicer than deserved, but you avoided a blow up. Try talking to her when she’s not tired to set some ground rules.”

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