Baby-led weaning: The Best High Chair For BLW

This post is all about the best high chair for blw or baby led weaning.

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best high chair for blw

If you are thinking about doing baby led weaning for your baby, then having a high chair that fits baby-led weaning principles is of utmost importance. In this post you will be able to see what is the best high chair for blw or baby-led weaning when they are starting solid foods.

Things to look for a in a high-chair for baby-led weaning

When looking for the best high chair for baby-led weaning, there are a few things you should look for in order to make sure that you and your baby have the absolute best experience. Here are some of the things you should look for when looking for the best high chair for baby led weaning:

Adjustable & Ergonomic

Make sure that the high chair you choose is adjustable. Not all babies are made the same (some bigger, some smaller) and you would need a high chair that you can adjust so your baby will fit in it perfectly. Make sure that there is an adjustable footrest, and a few recline positions to choose from. Make sure that the height is adjustable also. Also ensure that the high chair you get is ergonomic, meaning your baby can have proper sitting posture and not slouching or have his/her feet hanging without anything to lay flat on. 

Safety Belt

To ensure your baby’s safety while baby led weaning, you should make sure that the high chair you use has a safety belt. Most if not all high chairs have a safety belt, so you won’t have any issues with this. However, you should make sure that you can adjust the seat belt so your baby fits snuggly inside. Some seat belts are too small or too big and this can cause issues if you can’t fit the seat belt properly around your baby.

Easy to clean

Baby led weaning is MESSY. that’s why I highly recommend getting a high chair that’s easy to clean, simply because you will definitely be cleaning… A LOT. For this criteria make sure you look for a high chair that:

  • Doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles – this keeps baby entertained but is a pain to clean
  • Doesn’t have a lot of cloth material such as seat pads or seat covers (or be prepared to use the washing machine much more often)
  • Doesn’t have a lot of cracks and crevices ( food will get in these crevices and you won’t be able to clean it that well)
Grows with baby

This is not necessarily mandatory, but since you are doing baby led weaning, I assume you want to raise an independent eater. A high chair that grows with baby is perfect because baby can start eating with the family at a young age, and can still keep eating with family in their high chair as they get older. 

With that said, you can definitely buy a booster chair first, a simple high chair, and then move on with a bigger chair for your toddler… I find this is a waste though, because you might be spending the same amount of money in the end anyway.

Stable & Ergonomic

You want to make sure that your high chair is stable, because your baby will at times, no doubt, be very excited for the food you are introducing. For safety purposes, your high chair should be safe for your baby to sit on even when they’re trying to jump out of their seat belt, or even sometimes throwing a tantrum! 

Having an ergonomic design is a big deal in baby led weaning. For your high chair, make sure you have a highchair with an adjustable footrest so your child can sit upright. This is one of the big ‘rules’ in baby led weaning, as a proper posture will help prevent or lower the chances of choking. 

Removable Tray

This goes with the point that your high chair should be easy to clean. A removable tray will make it easier for you to dump the food that your baby will have no doubt smeared all over the tray. 

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Benefits Of Using BLW High Chair

There are many benefits of using a BLW high chair. According to Little Baby Gear, using a BLW high chair can encourage proper eating posture and reduce choking risk. Furthermore, it can help encourage baby to eat independently by setting up the best environment for your child to learn how to eat. 

Can I do BLW without a high chair?

Yes definitely! Although baby led weaning is made easier by having the right high chair, you can definitely start BLW without a high chair. Simply sit your baby on your lap while you are sitting on a regular chair to feed baby! 

Best High chairs for BLW

Stokke High Chair

stokke high chair
Source: Stokke

Although slightly more expensive than your regular high chair, this stokke high chair is super popular amongst baby led weaning parents because it’s ergonomic and has the adjustable footrest that are required when baby led weaning. Not to mention that it is made of wood and is super sturdy, plus, it grows with your child so that you can use it beyond being a toddler chair for many many years to come. 

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Keekaroo High Chair

blw high chair
Source: Rebelstork

Slightly less expensive than the stoke, This blw high chair has a similar idea with that it grows with your child. If you don’t want to spend a money on a stokke, this is a great alternative. 

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Antilop IKEA High Chair

baby high chair ikea
Source: Amazon

Not only is this best baby high chair from ikea super affordable, it is also incredibly easy to clean. If you are on a budget and want a no frills high chair, this ikea antilop high chair is definitely a great option, and honestly your baby led weaning journey won’t be any different— except that you will have a much easier time cleaning up! 

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Evenflo 4-in-1 Eat & Grow Convertible High Chair

baby high chair ikea
Source: Amazon

This high chair is affordable and has 4 different modes for your baby to sit in. The tray is removable for easy clean up in this best baby high chair, and the fabric is also machine washable. Honestly this is a great chair for baby led weaning if you want to be able to use your high chair even until toddlerhood. The legs even come off so you can have a table and chair for your baby to eat at when they grow a bit older. It’s awesome if you want to encourage your baby to eat independently. 

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Maxi-Cosi Minla High Chair

ikea antilop high chair
Source: Amazon

This high chair is a little on the expensive side, but that is because there are so many different ways you can use this high chair. You can also adjust it exactly how you want so your baby can fit snuggly inside. You can adjust the height, the position of the back rest, and you can even fold it up when not used. Because it is adjustable, it is definitely a great option for baby led weaning. 

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Other BLW Compatible Items:

Splat mat

blw high chair
Source: Amazon

This solar mat is great for keeping messes off the floor. After you are done feeding your baby, simply give it a quick wipe down and put away for the next meal!

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Silicone bib

best wooden blocks
Source: Amazon

Super useful with any baby just learning how to eat. This bib is so useful because it catches any food that drips down baby’s chin, plus a quick rinse will suffice when cleaning it up. 

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Metal spoon & fork

baby led weaning
Source: Etsy

Metal cutlery is so useful for when your baby is learning how to eat. You can of course also use silicone cutlery but giving them metal cutlery right away will help them get used to the feeling of metal and is also good practice for when they are independently eating. 

Click here to purchase metal cutlery

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Small glass cup

baby led weaning
Source: Amazon

Again, you don’t necessarily need to give a glass cup right away. Some parents opt for giving sippy cups instead. But giving a glass cup allows them to learn from an open cup and also gives them that experience of drinking from glass instead of plastic/silicone.

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Baby feeding smock

baby led weaning
Source: Amazon

This will come handy when you are giving your baby saucy foods because like it or not, your baby will probably get that sauce all over the place. This helps save his/her clothes and is also easier for clean up because you only need to take it off and rinse it after your baby is done eating. 

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This post was all about the best high chair for blw or baby led weaning.

We hope you found this list helpful! If so, show us some love in the comments below!

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