Are HOA’s Evil? 8 People Share How They Really Feel About Living in a Home with a Mandatory HOA

Living in a home with a mandatory Home Owners Association (HOA) can have its pros and cons. While some people appreciate the amenities and community events that come with an HOA, others feel that the rules and regulations can be too restrictive. People share how they really feel about living in a home with a mandatory HOA.

Modern Houses and Neighborhoods

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“Nowadays if you buy a brand new house or a modern house (built in 2000 or newer) then you’ll most likely have an HOA (at least in my part of the country). Personally, I’d prefer not to have an HOA because I value the freedom to do what I want with my property, not having to worry about HOA rules and fines. However, once I actually go out looking at houses then I vastly prefer not to live in a house that’s older than I am. I really like the look of modern houses and neighborhoods.”

Mandatory HOAs

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“In North Carolina, HOAs are mandatory in developments with a certain amount of homes. That should be illegal. There’s no logical reason why this should be mandatory.

I hate HOAs, however, I managed to find a good one. I pay $69/month and have a community pool, tennis/pickleball courts, clubhouse, playground and parties almost monthly for mostly kids with bounce houses, food trucks, foam machines, outdoor movies, etc. Plus, the HOA also takes care of wooded areas around the neighborhood which helps with stormwater drainage. That’s a good price for all that in my opinion.”

Depends on the HOA

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“Depends on the HOA. Mine doesn’t care about most things but maintains landscaping and the community pool, which is all I care about.”

Avoid HOAs

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“Don’t do it! Buy an old house and remodel as you go! It’s not as hard as you think and you might as well get used to home renovations and repairs because it happens to all houses. HOAs are the devil.”

Quality of Construction

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“I’ve owned three houses, one built in the 70s, one built in the early 90s, and one built in 2006. I can tell you that the quality of construction dropped dramatically from 70s to 90s to 2006. Of course, that’s just one person’s experience, don’t take it as gospel. I’m just saying don’t write off older homes just because they’re a few decades old.”

Unregulated Market for Lawyers

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“HOA is currently playing a loophole to steal property and they’re trying it with me. HOAs are an unregulated market for lawyers to take property for dirt cheap and sell it back to themselves or other people.”

Arbitrary Rules

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“I would avoid it if I could. I have a friend whose HOA doesn’t allow them to put basketball hoops in front of their house. I would have a hard time with arbitrary rules like these.”

Good HOAs

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“There’s good and bad ones. Ours is good. We pay $400 a year and have a pool, playground, marsh, 2 fishing ponds, tennis courts, and several miles of nature trails. They do community events and otherwise are pretty lax.”

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