April 6 is National Burrito Day: How To Celebrate If You Have Kids

April 6th is National Burrito Day, and if you’re a parent with kids, it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate this delicious and beloved dish with your family. Burritos are a versatile and easy-to-make meal that can be customized to suit everyone’s tastes. Whether you prefer a classic bean and cheese burrito or something more adventurous, there are plenty of ways to celebrate National Burrito Day with your kids.

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Here are some ideas on how to celebrate National Burrito Day with your kids:

Make Your Own Burritos

Making your own burritos is a fun and interactive way to celebrate National Burrito Day with your kids. Set up a burrito bar with all the ingredients your family loves, such as rice, beans, cheese, salsa, and guacamole. Let your kids choose their own toppings and assemble their burritos. This is a great way to get your kids involved in the kitchen and teach them about healthy eating.

Have a Burrito Eating Contest

Challenge your family to a burrito eating contest. Set a timer and see who can eat their burrito the fastest. This is a fun way to add some competition to your National Burrito Day celebration. Just make sure to have plenty of napkins on hand!

Try Different Types of Burritos

National Burrito Day is the perfect opportunity to try different types of burritos. If your family is used to the classic bean and cheese burrito, try something new like a breakfast burrito or a sushi burrito. This is a great way to expand your family’s culinary horizons and try something new.

Have a Burrito Picnic

Take your National Burrito Day celebration outside and have a burrito picnic. Pack your favorite burritos, some chips and salsa, and a blanket and head to your local park. This is a great way to enjoy the beautiful spring weather and spend quality time with your family.

Support Local Restaurants

If you don’t feel like cooking, support your local restaurants by ordering burritos for takeout or delivery. Many restaurants are offering special deals and promotions for National Burrito Day, so take advantage of the savings and treat your family to a delicious meal.

National Burrito Day is a fun and delicious way to celebrate with your family. Whether you make your own burritos, try different types of burritos, or support local restaurants, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this beloved dish with your kids.

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