She Demands Her Sister-In-Law To Buy A Designer Bag For Her Daughter

A woman’s in-laws demand that she apologize for purchasing a designer bag for her daughter.

Teaching Children About Financial Responsibility

For Maria’s parents, hard work and financial responsibility were values they strived to instill in their children. “Both my children have part-time jobs, if they want something, they need to save up their money to get it as this way they would appreciate it more,” Maria’s mother said.

Maria Has Been Doing Well In School

Because 18-year-old Maria has shown her parents that she’s financially responsible and has been doing well academically, her parents decided to surprise her with a designer bag that she’s always wanted as an early graduation gift. She was extremely grateful.

They Attend A Birthday Dinner

However, at her grandfather’s birthday dinner, Maria wore the bag and the night took an unexpected turn. “Last weekend we went to my father-in-law’s birthday dinner at his house,” Maria’s mother said. “Maria wore her bag, we didn’t think anything of it. My sister in law and niece [who is also 18 years-old] attended as well.”

Jealous Cousin Snatches Bag

The incident escalated when Maria’s cousin took her designer bag and locked herself in the bathroom. Maria asked her cousin to come out of the bathroom, but she refused. Maria’s aunt also “refused to tell her child to open the door and give Maria her bag back.” In the end, Maria’s father had to pick the lock in the bathroom and pry the bag away from the niece.

Aunt Said Maria Is Flaunting

The situation became even more heated when Maria’s aunt accused her of “flaunting” her designer bag in front of her cousin. Maria’s mom said “she calls me an a** for letting my daughter ‘flaunt’ her designer bag in front of her daughter.” The tension further escalated when Maria’s grandmother suggested that Maria’s parents should have bought a designer bag for her niece as well so that she would have something to relate to.

They Ask Her To Apologize

After the incident, Maria’s mother said, “my mother-in-law and sister-in-law have been contacting my husband demanding that we apologize, and that if Maria wants to wear expensive stuff around my niece, [we need] to make sure we have one of whatever that is for my niece as well since we’re “so well off”.”

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