An Eye For An Eye: This Man Returned The Favor After A Random Woman Touched His Wife

A recent incident at a group luncheon tested the boundaries of personal space, as one woman reached out and rubbed a pregnant woman’s belly, only to have it returned in kind by the pregnant woman’s husband.

She Touched Her Belly

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As the couple entered the house, the ladies in the kitchen began to comment on the expecting mother’s belly. “Ooo look who’s showinggggg,” one of them said, before taking it upon herself to rub the woman’s belly without her consent.

Husband Returns Favor

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In an instant, the woman’s husband responded by rubbing the woman’s belly in return. “Awwww, time to return the favor!” he said, eliciting a shocked silence from the other women, which was quickly followed by laughter.

Woman Shares Her Thoughts

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“I like my personal space, so I’ve been dreading when the inevitable non-consenting tummy touches would begin,” the woman said of the incident.

It appears that respect for personal boundaries won out in this case, as no one else attempted to rub the woman’s belly after that.

The Internet Responds

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One woman was thankful she had pregnancies during the pandemic because she avoided awkward incidents like these. “My first two pregnancies were solidly in the pandemic, so no one was close enough to try,” she said. “[My current pregnancy] is different, but so far everyone has asked. Admittedly, they start to go for it, then pause and ask, but it’s usually close friends or family so it’s fine.”

Things Are Different Across The Pond

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Another said that in the UK, touching pregnant women’s bellies are less common. It’s crazy that in some places people think this is okay,” the woman said in amazement. “I live in the UK and generally people don’t invade personal space like this. I had my baby shower last weekend and not a soul touched me with just close family members asking for permission when I said he was kicking.

Others Are Annoyed

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“I went to my fiancé’s work party yesterday at 36 weeks pregnant and it was… a lot. It’s honestly annoying how my identity as an individual disappears when I’m this visibly pregnant.” Another person said in annoyance. “All of the older ladies wanted to touch my belly and my fiancé would push their arms away. All of the girls in their early twenties had to make their “couldn’t be me!” comments. Others felt the need to mention how huge I am… I just want people to talk about normal things with me! I’m more than a human incubator!”

Many Think His Actions Were Hilarious

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Other comments thought the actions of the pregnant woman’s husband was hilarious.

“Nobody ever rubbed my belly so I can’t say how I’d feel about it but this is hilarious”

“Ick to belly rubs but I love your husband’s reaction.”

“Oh I will return the favor of strangers pull this. Gold star for your husband doing the honors to really drive the point home.”

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