9 Most Absurd Unsolicited Parenting Advice That No One Listens To

If you’re giving any of these advice to new parents, stop. No one’s listening to them.

Give Them Water

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“Give him water he needs to clear his throat.” Said about a newborn.

Let Them Cry

baby crying
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“Just let him cry! He needs to strengthen his lungs.”
Original Poster (OP) “are you going to watch him while be cries all day then?”
“No I can’t stand to hear babies sad cries.”
Please make it make sense.

Mobility Issues

baby thinking
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One advice given to a mom with a 4 week old son was, “You need to move his arms or he’ll never learn to use them.” To reiterate, this was a 4 week old baby.

Another got this comment about her son at 6 weeks old, “He should be sitting up by now”. To be fair, this was probably someone who don’t have much experience with babies.

Learning How To Accept Defeat

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One person said, this is the advice they got from their mother. “We pushed all of you guys off the couch onto pillows as a newborn. That way you’ll learn to accept defeat.” This one is a bit scary, if I’m being completely honest.

Developing a Superiority Complex

baby in a carrier
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“If you put him in a carrier he’ll have a superiority complex. Just looking at adults at eye level all the time.” Can someone explain the logic of this one?

Breathing For Two

Image Credit: Syda Productions via Canva.com.

One woman shared a hilarious experience she had while pregnant during a COVID-19 outbreak. She was working a retail job in a large city when this particular COVID outbreak happened, and because she was pregnant and just to be safe, she started to wear masks again.

While working the retail job and wearing a mask while pregnant, she recalls, “I had a customer who was genuinely concerned make the comment “You be careful wearing that mask mama! You’re breathing for two now!”

Needless to say, she was confused. ” I was baffled. I can still breathe just fine here lady with the added benefit of lowering my chances of getting extremely ill. Shocker. Lol”

Giving Soda Early On

kids drinking
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“Give the baby coke in his bottle, he’ll love it. I did it with all my kids,” said a Redditor’s mother-in-law. As a side note, all her children ended up having major, lifelong dental issues.

Teach Him Not To Cry

Image Credit: Leung Cho Pan via Canva.com.

One person was given advice never to hold her baby when he cries so that he can learn not to cry. Apparently she was told that “I needed to set the standard for his expectations otherwise he would always be wanting my attention.”

That person was also told not to kiss her baby boy because he’s a boy and he will be spoiled for girls who don’t like affection.

I mean, how wild was that advice?

About Tummy Time, Baby Carriers And More

baby wrap in a carrier
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A user’s sister-in-law who doesn’t have kids had the audacity to tell her that “If you use a baby carrier instead of a stroller you are going to create a baby with no sense of attachment who will never grow up to be independent” and that “tummy time is dangerous until they’re a few months old. You’re going to cause her to have physical issues by doing this.”

Similarly her mother-in-law who hasn’t had a child since 1989 said, “You need to get bumper pads in the crib so she doesn’t hit her head or get her arm stuck” and “You need to give her water in a bottle right away to keep her hydrated.

The mother-in-law also said, “You shouldn’t use second hand clothing on her. It doesn’t look good and she’s too special for that”

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