16 Awesome Gift Ideas For Your Newly Pregnant Friend

So your friend is newly pregnant and you want to show your support. But what could possibly be a good gift to give to a newly pregnant friend? Well look no further because we will discuss all the good gifts you can give your beautiful friend with a bun in the oven!

Do I Have To Give A Gift To My Newly Pregnant Friend?

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If you are searching for what to get someone that just found out they are pregnant, don’t worry, we’ve (mostly) all been there. One other question you might ask yourself is if you should buy someone a gift if they just found out they’re pregnant. I mean, is it etiquette to give a gift to someone that announced their pregnancy?

Well to tell you the truth, there’s no rule that you should give gifts to newly pregnant friends. That’s right, you’re off the hook. More importantly, whether you give a gift to your newly pregnant friend is all up to you, and ultimately it comes down to your relationship with her. If she is your best friend for 10 years, then yes, I’d say you probably should give a gift to the expecting mom. However, if the friend is someone you recently met, or is just a friend of a friend, well, that’s all up to you.

But you don’t have to listen to me give you any advice on whether you should give a gift to your newly pregnant friend. And since you’ve found yourself in this post, I guess it’s safe to assume that you’ve made up your mind in giving a gift to the mom to be!.

Best Gift Ideas For Your Newly Pregnant Friend

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So, without further ado, here are the top 15 gifts to give your newly pregnant friend– whether you are looking for a fun gift, or a useful one, there’s sure to be a gift idea here that the new mom to be will totally appreciate!

New Mom Package (2nd Trimester to 4th Trimester)

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This is first on the list because in my opinion a new mom package is the most thoughtful and also the most useful gift for your newly pregnant friend. I’ve been searching everywhere for a subscription box for pregnant women in the late stages of pregnancy up to the first few months after giving birth, and the subscription boxes from Bump Boxes are great.

Baby Name Books

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I know I don’t have to tell you twice when I say figuring out baby names is one of the worst parts about being pregnant (I mean, there are plenty of bad things about being pregnant, but hear me out.)

At the beginning of your pregnancy, you don’t really think too much about baby names, but as the due date comes closer, oh man! The race to find a name could be a bit stressful, to be honest! Plus, all friends and family members will start asking about what you want to name your baby! Not to mention, based on my experience, every baby name I come up with, my husband didn’t like, vice versa.

The solution? A baby Name book! Your friend might not appreciate it right off the bat, but trust me, as she gets further along, she will be so grateful when she and her husband have to think of baby names!

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Pregnancy Book

pregnancy book
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This is an especially good gift to have if your pregnant friend is also going to be a first-time mom! All the information will be in one book, and there won’t be a need to go to google and comb through all the information and websites! The new mom to be will sure appreciate this thoughtful gift.

Want to get a different pregnancy book? This post has an extensive discussion on the best pregnancy books to get when you’re pregnant.

First Trimester Survival Kit

first trimester survival kit
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One of the most perfect gift for a mama to be, a first trimester survival kit is something I wish I had when I was pregnant and in the first trimester. This is especially helpful if your friend told you about her pregnancy and is in the early stages of pregnancy. Some women don’t get nausea or morning sickness at all during the first trimester, but most do!

Do her a favour and get her a first trimester survival kit gift box!

Photography Session

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Now this might be a gift reserved for your very best friend, or your sister, just because it can be pretty pricey to give a photography session to your newly pregnant friend. However, don’t fret! If you are a photographer yourself, or even if you just dabble about with photography here and there, I am sure the mom to be would love it if you take the time to go out with her and her husband to take photos of her growing bump!

Pregnancy Pillow

maternity pillow
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This is also a great gift to give to your pregnant friend, and one she will use throughout her entire pregnancy! We have a post dedicated to the best pregnancy pillow to use, and you will surely get great ideas on which pregnancy pillow to give the mom to be from that post!

Maternity Belt

maternity belt
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A maternity belt might not be used in the first half of your friend’s pregnancy, but trust me, a maternity belt is one of the pregnancy gifts that will really come in handy as her belly gets bigger and as the baby gets heavier! Grab one now for the new mom to be while she probably doesn’t think she needs it yet, and she will be thanking you once she can no longer see her toes!

New Mom Mug

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If you want to give a cute memorabilia gift, why not get a new mom mug from Etsy? Such a simple but great gift for any mama to be!

Pro tip: include a ginger lemon herbal tea with your mug that she can drink when morning sickness hits.

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New Mom hand written card with gift card

mom reading card
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Is there anything sweeter than a handwritten letter, or card for that matter? My sister who lives on the other side of the continent sent me a card with a handwritten note when I was pregnant, and I was so so happy to receive it! It not only touches the feels (make sure your note is heartfelt!), but it just shows how personalized it is, and honestly the mama to be will keep it to treasure forever.

Oh and one big part of this gift is obviously… the gift card! Don’t forget to add a gift card to her favourite restaurant or to a maternity store! And if you are giving a gift to a restaurant, just make sure that she still enjoys food from there. We all know those pregnancy hormones can totally dictate whether we still love tacos or not!

Memorabilia book

photo book
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The mom to be can start putting pictures and milestones in the memorabilia book as soon as baby arrives. And the awesome thing about this is that baby will be able to use it once she/he gets older! Who doesn’t love seeing their milestones from when they were a baby?

Generic gift card – for eating!

gift card
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Sometimes, a gift card makes for the perfect gift. This seems like one of the most simple pregnancy gifts you can give, but is honestly everything to a woman who has random food cravings! Pregnant ladies usually have weird cravings, and they pop up at the worst or most inconvenient time! To help be part of the solution, why not give your friend a gift card for Uber Eats or Skip the Dishes? When those midnight cravings hit, trust me, she will love you!!

Baby gifts (ie. cute baby outfit!)

baby gifts
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Another super cute and simple gift idea is to just simply give baby gifts! Now if your friend is newly pregnant, she won’t be able to use the baby gifts right away, but she can definitely put it away for when baby arrives! Get a super cute outfit for the baby to wear when she/he comes home!

Loose pajamas

pregnant woman sleeping
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This is one of the more thoughtful pregnancy gifts in this list!

When you’re very pregnant, nothing fits. And this is very annoying for any pregnant woman that’s in the late stages of pregnancy. I’ve gotten to a point in my pregnancy where even the most loose pajamas I had (and my husbands) didn’t fit, so guess what? I always wore nightgowns. Not very pleasant when your belly is huge and it’s super cold in the winter. But that’s what I had to deal with.

Help your friend avoid this situation by purchasing the loose pajamas for her, because trust me, she probably won’t do it for herself!

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Bathrobe and slippers

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Giving your newly pregnant friend a set of bathrobe and slippers will help her feel extra cozy and comfortable, so this is a great gift to give! Any pregnant woman will appreciate this gift!

Essential oils (peppermint for that nausea!)

woman using essential oil
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Essential oils are soooo useful during pregnancy! A peppermint oil roll-on is useful for the nausea in the first trimester, but is also useful in helping the mama to be to calm down during contractions in the third trimester. Talk about a double whammy!

The Absolute Best Gift For Your Newly Pregnant Friend: Moral Support

moral support from a friend
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Okay, so I saved the best for last. And guess what? The best is the one that costs the least! I mean, it’s literally free. Be there for the mama to be! It’s the best gift you can give.

Whether the pregnancy was planned or not, a pregnant lady will go through so many changes, gain unwanted stretch marks, and her hormones will be all over the place during all three trimesters.

It’s a great time in a woman’s life, and this season doesn’t last forever, but having the support of friends like yourself will definitely go a long way, and is very much appreciated, especially in the moments when she’s feeling like she’s losing herself, or having self doubt or having a pity party for losing her bod. Remind her that she’s doing an amazing job in times like these, and it will go a long way.

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