11 People Share The Most Middle Class Things They Own – Do You Have These Items Too?

The middle class is often defined by their possessions, and there are certain items that are commonly associated with this social class. Here we’ll explore some of the most middle class things people own.


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“Lawnmower. A rich person would pay someone to mow, and a poor person wouldn’t have a lawn.”

Paid-Off Car and House

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“My $20,000 car and my 850 square foot house are both paid off. Not poor, definitely not rich, but I’m doing great.”

Kitchen Aid Mixer

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“Kitchen Aid Mixer. It was my mother-in-law’s wedding gift to us, 30 years ago. That thing works.”

Home Ownership

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“A home. I’m 55 and it took all this time to get here.”

Bengal Cat

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“Bengal cat. They are expensive and poor people can’t afford them but rich people just get a tiger.”

Vacuum Sealer

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“Vacuum sealer. We’ll buy good cuts of meat when they go on sale and portion them out/freeze them for later.”

Matching Luggage

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“I’m not bragging or anything but we have a set of matching luggage!”


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“Maybe all of my earrings. I have a ridiculous amount of low-end earrings because I love the variety. They’re neither practical (for a poor person) or high quality (for a rich person).”

Trailer Home Ownership

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“My home. I live in a trailer and I have a few snobby family members who make comments about it. However, I own my trailer and they’re paying $3k per month to rent an apartment.”


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“My Keurig.”

Air Fryer

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“My air fryer.”

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