10 Hilarious Reasons Why Pregnant Women Have Cried

When you’re pregnant, hormones are at an all-time high, and little things can trigger all sorts of emotions. In a Reddit post, one person asked what has triggered women to cry while they were pregnant, and the answers were hilarious.

When their beloved pet does something that melts their heart

puppy and cat
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When their beloved pet does something that melts their heart – such as meowing like “mama” – and makes them emotional. “Earlier, I swore when my cat meowed it sounded like “mama” and I cried forever,” one woman said

When a favorite snack item is forgotten about or not prepared correctly

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“Steak and Shake forgot the seasoning for my fries, and then I dropped my shake.”

When their significant other isn’t impressed with a humorous video

couple watching
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“My boyfriend didn’t laugh at the funny video I showed him of a baby vacuuming”

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When their pet isn’t able to experience parenthood

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“I needed to get my girl cat fixed and it’s so unfair that I get to be pregnant and she’ll never get to have her own kittens”

Seeing their partner not get what they deserve in terms of food

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“My husband likes fettucine not spaghetti and I bought spaghetti once recently. He’d been lovely and very supportive of pregnant me so I teared up at the thought that he “deserves better than spaghetti” but we had to use it up.”

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Getting overwhelmed when watching a dog

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“When I was pregnant I cried watching a dog show because all the dogs were doing their best and all deserved to win.”

Reflecting on how much they love their pet and knowing they will not be around forever

cute brown dog
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“I cried because I love my dog so much and he makes me very happy but one day he will die. It came out of nowhere lol.”

Not being able to stomach one of the favorite breakfast items

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“Basically cried at my breakfast two days in a row, because I hate eggs and love food.

Struggling to sleep due to heartburn

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“Heartburn making it hard to sleep”

Because she loves her cat

white kitten
Image Credit: Billion Photos via Canva.com.

“Because my cat is so pretty and perfect and I love her so much

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